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Secure payment

PAYMENT MEANS: Secure online payment

We propose different means of payment. Below you will find all the necessary information about the different payment methods proposed at

Fully insured payments:


  1. We do not save credit card numbers for payments. These personal data are sent directly to the banks with which we work, without being able to access them.
  2. When data is transmitted to the bank, we use an encryption technology that allows all personal data requested in a transaction, such as name, address or credit card number, to be transmitted securely.

To speed up your purchases, we propose the following payment methods:


For all payments made with bank cards, the amount of your order will be reserved on your card and the debit will be made automatically from your account at the time of validation of your order. At the moment payments with prepaid cards or virtual MasterCard cards are not accepted.

To make the payment, we need:

  • Cardholder Name
  • your card number
  • Date of Expiry
  • security code

paiement-1 paiement-2
What is the security code of your card?
The security code was specially created by banking institutions to guarantee the physical possession of the card.
VISA and MASTERCARD systems use a 3-digit code
The AMERICAN EXPRESS system uses a 4-digit code


If you want to place your order without communicating your bank card number, you have the possibility of paying with total security with the Paypal system.

Do you have a PayPal account?

During the payment process, you will be sent directly to the official Paypal platform. After making the payment, you will automatically return to PhotoBox. Remember: Do not forget to credit your Paypal account before making the transaction or have your account connected to your bank account

Don't have an account with Paypal?

You have to open an account in Paypal, it is completely free. Then for all your payments with Paypal, you will only have to indicate your email address and your password on the Paypal site to validate your payment. It is a free solution, the transaction commission is not in charge of the client. You can open your account at


You can pay for your purchase by bank transfer. The account number in which you must make the deposit, will be shown when you choose the payment system "by bank transfer", when making your purchase in our online store. In the event that you have sent us a request for a quote, the bank account number will be provided to you when you send the quote for the order.

If you send us proof of the transfer, we can proceed immediately and not wait for the money to arrive.


Split your purchase Split your purchase in our store.
Immediate No paperwork, directly at the end of the order.
A fixed cost per installment



1. Order without a card Place your order on-line now.
2. Receive your order Receive your order and check it
3. Pay later



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