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€909.00 (tax incl.)
Tejido Strech , acolchado multiagujas. Multisac Micro 1300 muelles con Sistema Compact de refuerzo lateral. Acolchado tapa tapa Densitech HR 30kg/m3 Recuperación inmediata. Material flexible HR. Alta densidad y...
€769.00 (tax incl.)
Tejido Strech , acolchado Tack&Jump Multisac Advanced 700 muelles con Sistema Compact de refuerzo lateral Viscoelástica, Perfilconfort, Microsil de 25Kg Altura del colchón +/- 29 cm.
€359.00 (tax incl.)
The Prisma 2019 mattress has in its core the system of padded springs of Sonpura Multisac and, in its main padding, with layers of Confortec and Microsil -foams patented by Sonpura-, all combined offers a firm rest...
€279.00 (tax incl.)
Mat with core of springs insized plus 1 cm. of Confortecfoaming, a perfect combination - along with the rest of the padding materials - to allow an occasional rest (guests, or unexpected visits) of great adaptability....
€319.00 (tax incl.)
Mattress with our prestigious housing of docks packed with 5 different rest areas (INSAC INFINITY 5Z). Manufactured with technology and innovation. Visco padding on both sides for added adaptation.INSAC INFINITY 5Z...
€669.00 (tax incl.)
The manufacturer Mattresses Relax renews its Dock Mattress Insterated Golden Seagull, The Mattress of Docks Ensacados at the Best Price. Combines 5 spring zones for each area of the body. Very comfortable and...
€759.00 (tax incl.)
Mattresses Relax launches its new Magnum Mattress, the best mattress of docks on the market. It has a layer of 3cm of soy visco and an outer thermoregulatory layer of cashmere wool and silk.
€289.00 (tax incl.)
Its stretch fabric of great touch and weight gives it elasticity and breathability. Its layer of athermal fiber manages to create a soft comfort and lets the air pass continuously during rest.The Viscofoam layer...



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