Galan hardware satin chrome various colors

Functional Galan always have at hand the clothes you want to wear. We have it available in a variety of colors so you can choose the one you like or stick with your décor.

€230.00 (tax incl.)
MD 72111

If you are looking for a Cheap Galán and good to put your clothes when you get the job is is the perfect model for this purpose. It has a simple but elegant design and we have it available in lots of colors to make it match the décor of your room.

Colors available: white, walnut, natural, mahogany, black, oak, honey, cherry, mink, mogano, Wenge, dkp oak, moka, white broken, Orange, red, ash, violet, yellow, blue, green, silver and pink. As you can see a wide variety of colors to choose which best suits your needs.


Height: 112 cm.

Width: 46 cm.

Background: 34 cm.

colores galán

Product Details
MD 72111

Data sheet

46 cm.
34 cm.
112 cm.
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